Streamlining Manufacturing Expenses

Over the past decades, Amline has accumulated extensive expertise in enhancing the precision and efficiency of our products. Our ODM & OEM services go beyond just designing and manufacturing; we also provide valuable technical guidance aimed at reducing manufacturing costs for our customers. We are adaptable, offering customized solutions to align with the requirements of our clients.

Spinning Machine

Asian pioneers in the adoption of fully automatic spinning technology, we have continuously refined and researched more efficient production methods over the past 20 years. With a comprehensive installation of over 50 automatic spinning machines and imported equipment from Japan, our digital control spinning technology ensures precise control of product tolerances, ensuring stable product quality. This method stands as the most efficient production process for circular metal products, widely applied in the lighting and residential / commercial hardware markets.

Aluminum Die Casting

Experience the pinnacle of precision manufacturing with our automatic die casting process. Utilizing high-pressure techniques, we ensure low-density with solid structures and exceptional strength.

Aluminum Extrusion

Exceptional strength and lightweight properties, aluminum extrusion processes meeting your demands for quality and performance. With diverse shape capabilities, we achieve unique aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, our efficient production ensures cost-effectiveness, providing superior quality at competitive prices

Stamping Press Machine

Outfitted with 44 hydraulic presses and punch presses in total, all capable of precision machining up to a maximum product width of 1000mm.

Auto-Polishing Machine

The automatic polishing function ensures that each product achieves a consistent level of polish, thereby significantly stabilizing the quality of subsequent surface treatment processes, while also effectively saving labor hours.

Anodizing and Electroplating

Globally leading anodizing technology, rigorously controls the temperature, concentration, and duration of the associated electrolyte bath, ensuring optimal conductivity. This results in batch products with consistent quality, uniform anodized surfaces, diverse coloring options, and minimal color variation.

Painting and Auto-Powder Coating

Effortlessly elevate your products with our automated painting and powder coating solutions. Achieve flawless finishes, vibrant colors, and lasting durability. Simplify your process, enhance your results.

Assembly - Precision in Motion

Our assembly expertise ensures rapid, precise installation of various components to meet complex and tight-tolerance requirements. Equipped with advanced anti-static devices, our assembly lines guarantee high yield rates. Our skilled team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring efficiency and quality throughout the assembly process. Continuously improving our capabilities, we adapt to evolving client needs, delivering fast, accurate, and high-quality assembly services for both small-batch and large-scale projects, creating value for our clients.