About Amline Lighting

Amline-Lighting, established in 1986 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is a leading provider of high-quality, durable, and innovative lighting fixtures. We are committed to designing energy-efficient solutions that adhere to the strictest safety standards, earning us certifications from various countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan, and more (UL, CE, TSA, PSE, etc.).

With 35 years of experience

With 35 years of experience in the lighting industry, Amline-Lighting brings together optical design expertise, suitable for both focused and wide-range illumination. Leveraging effective heat dissipation design and simulation, the company efficiently manages LED-generated heat, enhancing light efficiency and product durability. The sleek, high-quality lighting fixtures have been widely adopted by international manufacturers and designers.

High-quality and consistent products

Both manufacturing facilities are certified according to international safety standards, ensuring the production of high-quality and consistent products. This unwavering commitment to quality has established Amline-Lighting as a trusted long-term collaborative design supplier for major international brands.

Reach and Develop

Amline employs an experienced and dedicated research and development team that focuses on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions, as well as the sustainable use of product series through extended original designs. The company demonstrates excellence in industrial design by seamlessly integrating optics, structure, heat dissipation, and electronic design technology.

Amline’s R&D team utilizes a comprehensive range of advanced technologies, including optical simulation analysis, light angle design, spatial illuminance simulation analysis, 3D design modeling technology, heat dissipation module design and simulation, plastic mold flow analysis, and component shear/stress analysis. This holistic approach ensures that Amline’s products consistently surpass industry standards in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability.


Unlike most lighting manufacturers, Amline-Lighting boasts in-house goniophotometers and integrating spheres. For each lighting fixture, the company conducts thorough three-dimensional spatial light distribution measurements and evaluates various brightness parameters in strict adherence to international CIE and IESNA standards.
This testing encompasses plane illuminance curves, spatial light intensity curves, brightness restriction curves, luminous flux, light efficiency, effective luminous flux, and electrical characteristics. These measurements ensure that Amline’s fixtures are meticulously designed to suit the specific lighting requirements of diverse environmental spaces.



Amline is the largest-scale lighting production factory in Asia, covering an expansive factory area of 32,000 Square meters with a dedicated workforce of 180 employees.

Our comprehensive capabilities include mold manufacturing, aluminum alloy component production, spinning of reflector covers, processing, electroplating, anodizing, automatic anodizing lines, mirror finishing, automatic spray painting for various surface treatments, assembly, aging testing, dust-free room lighting assembly, salt spray testing machines, automatic light-up testing, aging testing, high and low-temperature testing.

Our surface treatment technology has garnered recognition from numerous world-renowned clients, affirming our commitment to delivering exceptional quality to global brands.