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Flexibility and Customization

Amline offer flexible and high-quality custom options for seamless integration into your designs. Renowned as a trusted lighting manufacturer, we excel in addressing specific project needs. Clients can rely on Amline for professional, worry-free collaborations, ensuring spaces are illuminated with style and precision.

Reliable and Professional

As a seasoned and professional ODM supplier, Amline is proud to have a powerful engineering team with a robust lineup of expertise and talent.

After discussions and realize request with clients,our engineers will transforming client ideas into 3D model and 2D drawing.During the initial design phase, we proactively address production issues through optical design (beam angle、UGR、lumens...etc), thermal simulations for heatsink, stress-bending simulations for housing/spring and bracket, and mold flow analysis for plastic components,ensuring the product reliable.

Consistent and precisely

In addition to experience and expertise, we have established a dedicated optical laboratory to ensure that the products developed and produced for our clients meet the required specifications and international standards. Through integrating sphere and goniophotometer measurements, we verify electrical parameters, luminous flux, and beam angles, providing professional optical reports. The aging tests conducted guarantee the durability and stability of the fixtures over time. Our high and low-temperature testing equipment allows repeated assessments of product performance under various temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring that products developed for specific environments operate reliably in real-world conditions.

Contact us, Turn your concepts into reality

With Amline team , you can streamline Your Innovation Journey,bring your idea into real products, Accelerating product launch.
We also support early-stage, small-batch, and diverse sample production for new products, assisting clients in their initial market positioning.