OEM Service+


Reputable & Experienced

Amline has over 35 years of experience specializing in lighting items production, particularly focusing on optical reflectors、lenses,aluminum housing, diffusers, lighting fixture components manufacturing and assembling. Offering tailored lighting products based on customer designs and provide timely modification suggestions to enhance product stability and reliablity.

One-stop Solution

Drawing on years of expertise and experience, Amline has developed cutting-edge core technology and offers comprehensive one-stop solutions.

Simplify processes, save time, and unleash growth. Our comprehensive and seamless service is designed to meet all your needs effortlessly. Transform your business with ease and efficiency. Elevate your success wbiggith our fully one-stop solution today!

Largest Scale and On-time Delivery

We are a top OEM manufacturer located in Taiwan, with two independent production facilities spanning over 35,000 square meters in total. Equipped with various advanced automated production equipments and experienced assembly lines, we can produce 42,000 components and 6,000 lighting products per day.

Amline has been collaborating with numerous international brands from Japan, United States, and Europe for over 35 years, earning recognition from international enterprises. Additionally, through years of established systematic warehouse management and professional logistics arrangements, Amline ensures on-time delivery of all orders and maintains stable supply, providing customers with reliable products and services.

Industry-Leading Quality Control

With standard ISO9001 and ISO 14001 requirements,additionally adopts the IATF-16949 standard to enhance product quality and meet customer expectations. Through a systematic approach, from APQP assessment to PPAP control, potential issues in product design, process design, and production are identified early on. This improves product quality to meet customer expectations and reduces customer product costs.

Trust and Long-term Relationship

Amline's products have gained significant recognition from leading lighting OEMs globally. Additionally, our reflectors are highly regarded in the industry for their strong and vibrant image, underpinned by our deep expertise in metal materials that enables us to deliver top-quality products.